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Compression glove for crafters


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Transform your passion for crafting into profit with our Affiliate Program. TheMailoDesign team has sold more than 5,000 pairs of our special compression gloves, making lots of customers happy. 

These gloves are specially designed for fiber artists. The fingers move freely, allowing for comfortable work with yarn while also stabilizing the wrist and thumb, relieving the tension and pain that many crafters feel which help crafters keep doing what they love for longer by making their pain and discomfort go away. 

You can earn competitive commissions by sharing our special  compression gloves for crafters. 

How to Join

  1.  Apply Online: Quick and free registration at

  2.  Start Earning: You’ll get a welcome pack: your unique referral  link, compression glove by post, banner for your website, photos if needed.

  3.  Payment: You will get a 10% commission on total referral sales  when a customer makes a purchase through your affiliate link or  uses your coupon code.

How to Promote:

Share the gloves with your own unique link. You can't go wrong with how you share, but the best partners often advertise in many ways and on different sites every month. Here are ideas for sharing the gloves:

  • Put up a banner ad on your website or blog.

  • Write an article on your blog.

  • Make a post or reels on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and more.

  • Email your followers, subscribers, friends, or family a newsletter.

  • Make a video for YouTube or do a Facebook Live.

Got a new idea? Great! We're excited to see new and creative ways you come up with to share the gloves.


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